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This e-book is an interactive guide to healing and recovery from trauma and abuse, including narcissistic abuse. This book outlines necessary steps to complete healing and restoration and includes illustrations, charts, worksheets, and resources to help you understand and overcome your past. This is an updated and revised version, now including tips on how to learn to manage dissociation. This book blends clinical knowledge, personal experience, and spiritual principles for healing into one comprehensive self-help guide for healing c-PTSD, PTSD, and the aftermath of trauma. If you have symptoms of PTSD, c-PTSD, struggle with anxiety and fear in your daily life, or find yourself "triggered" regularly without understanding why or how to overcome it, this book may help. You are not alone! There is hope for freedom from stress, chaos, and fear. Fight your way to freedom and begin truly LIVING your life!


*Also available in paperback on Amazon!

Healing Beyond Trauma: New and Revised

  • This is formatted in a Kindle and e-pub type and can be used on an e-reader or easily downloadable e-pub reader app on any personal computer, laptop, or tablet. 

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