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Professional Services

Dr. Godwin offers clinical consultation to other professionals, both clinical and in other fields. She also offers clinical supervision for therapists still working toward full licensure. Clinical supervision and consultation packages are available for purchase.

Our Services

Regulations for therapy services vary from state to state. Kristi is fully licensed in the states of Georgia and Florida. For residents of other states and countries, the regulations of your physical location at the time of services determine whether we can provide therapy to you. Please contact us if you are not sure what regulations you are under, or if you would like a referral to a therapist in your area.

Pregnant Woman and Partner

Individual and Couples Sessions

Psychotherapy sessions can be done virtually or in-person and can help you resolve current conflict in your life, reach your personal growth goals, or resolve past issues that are interfering with your ability to move forward.

Happy Family

Family Sessions

Family sessions can mean a private session for you and any other family member, or could include a variety of members of  your extended family. Oftentimes, the issues we face are complex and involve multiple members of the family system, making individual therapy much less effective. Family sessions can help repair damaged relationships, improve communication among family members, or just offer additional support during difficult life transitions or events.


Therapy Intensives

Intensive sessions consist of four full hours of research-proven therapy techniques (DBT, IFS, EMDR), accelerating your growth and healing exponentially (equivalent to four one-hour sessions). This is an ideal option for busy professionals eager to overcome obstacles quickly, or for anyone wanting to expedite their healing process.

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