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The Coping Skill Toolkit is a must-have for anyone seeking to manage stress and anxiety. Included FREE is the new "Coping Skill Toolbox: Pocket Edition" guide, only available here and on Amazon (Retail: $5.99). This adorable zippered bag is decorated with cheerful daily affirmations to help you stay in a positive frame of mind. It contains an assortment of self-regulation "tools," for assistance with distress tolerance on-the-go. Whether you are trying to regulate depression, anxiety, stress, grief, or any other unpleasant emotion, using these tools will help to soothe your mind and body on-the-go. This pouch includes a portable sound machine with 13 different calming sounds (including birds, mountain stream, rain, and the ocean). The full bottle of Young Living Peppermint oil and roller-bottle of Young Living Lavender oil can be used for aromatherapy, while the mini pop-it, fuzzy faux fur ball, and squishy provide tactile stimulation. The diffuser necklace is engraved with a positive affirmation to help promote a sense of peace and mindfulness throughout the day. This bag also contains Ghiradelli candy for mindful eating in order to calm your nervous system, and a beautiful nature photograph to ease your guided imagery exercises. Whether you're at home or on the move, this toolkit is an essential companion for anyone looking to cultivate resilience and well-being.

Coping Skill Toolkit

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